Applying to College

We offer a combination of video courses and in-person services to help relieve the stress of applying to college, and help you make certain that you are shining your admission hook.

  • Solving the College Application Puzzle – This course has videos on how to write a winning essay and how to complete your Common Application.  It also has advice for creating a resume and asking for letters of recommendation.  In addition, there are tools to help you make organizing the whole process easier.  Finally, it includes our essay guide and two essay reviews!  The cost of this package is $249.  Buy now!
  • Essay Editing – Do you already have an essay and just want to make sure that it puts you in the best possible light for school?  Do you want tips on how to better tell your story to improve your chances of getting in?  Then send your essay to one of our professional essay editors!  The cost per read and revision is $75.  Learn more here!
  • Essay Guide – What makes a good essay?  How do you make sure that your voice shines through?  How do I get started?  Our essay guide makes all our experience in working with students to help them craft a unique essay available to you.  In addition, there are sample essays with reactions from a former director of admission.  All for just $8.95.  Buy now!
  • Application Consultation – Want us to work with you hourly to help you brainstorm for the essay and finish your common application?  You can hire one of our expert tutors to help you for $120 an hour, or you can purchase our application package of 6 hours.


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