SAT & ACT Test Prep

SAT & ACT Test Prep

Preparation for the SAT & ACT Test

A Higher SAT score not only increases your child’s chances of being accepted by his or her target college, but also increases the probability of him or her being awarded an Academic Scholarship For College. We offer three methods of preparing for the SAT and two ways to prepare for the ACT.

SAT Test Prep

SAT & ACT Test Prep in CTPrepare for the SAT test with tutoring from Ivy League Trained Instructors.  Our SAT prep classes provide timed, full-length practice tests, strength & weakness diagnosis with regular updates.  Our experienced tutors work with students to improve SAT scores & help them secure their first choice college placement.  Interested in learning more about our SAT test prep programs?  We offer SAT classes, in-person private tutoring & interactive online tutoring:


ACT Test Prep

SAT LargePrepare for the ACT with tutoring from Ivy League Trained Instructors.  Our tutors work closely with students to identify any strengths & weaknesses.  In addition to our standardized practice tests, we work to address your child’s weaknesses and areas of concern, improving their ACT test scores in the end result.  Take a look at our options for ACT test prep below:


SAT Test Prep Classes

Take a look at one of our recent SAT classes from our SAT preparation program.  Watch the video to see an example of what you can expect when you register for one of our classes.


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