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Private Online Tutoring for the SAT Test

Increase your SAT score and improve your chances of gaining a place at your first choice college with our online SAT tutoring.

With their knowledge and experience of the college application process, our SAT tutors have helped thousands of students to prepare for the SAT test.  Having attended top universities themselves, our tutors know what it takes to get a high SAT score and improve your chances of a place at a good college.

Our online sat tutoring is provided through Skype or Google+ video conferencing, with flexible meeting times so that you can get the help you need.

Our tutors receive regular training and updates on the latest SAT changes that matter to your SAT test.  Having tutored hundreds of students since 1999, we know what makes the difference between a killer SAT score and a less than satisfactory score.

Tutors spend time focusing on the most important subjects and areas that you often struggle with.  Helping you to identify both your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on the areas you need to improve most.  Everything we do aims to give you the tools and knowledge you need to truly ace the SAT test!


What’s included in our online SAT tutoring?

  • Online SAT Tutoring SessionPrivate one-on-one video conferencing
  • Tailored program suited to your individual needs
  • Regular reviews on your progress
  • Annotated practice sessions
  • Advice on SAT test taking best practices


First Choice College has helped hundreds of students to improve their SAT score and gain a place at their desired college.  Looking to do the same?  Call us or email: for more information.

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