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On April 5, all public school juniors took the SAT. In the beginning of May, students will get those test scores back and many of them will have questions. In this article, I’m going to answer some of those questions and explain how to use those scores to help you prepare for future tests.

What does my score mean? The SAT scores have gone back to the future, so to speak, and are once again calculated out of 1600. Last year’s admitted class at UConn had an average score of 1270, and the national average now is around 1030. That should give you a sense for where your whole score falls in comparison to the average. Let’s go more in depth. Students get two separate scores ranging from 200 to 800: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. This [...]

It’s essential to get your FAFSA form filled accurately and early.

We have created a step by step guide detailing everything you need to complete the 2017-18 FAFSA form.


How to File Your 2017-18 FAFSA from James Maroney

Have you got any questions about filling out the form or applying for college financial aid? Leave a comment below or send us a message.

Are you wondering whether you should take the SAT or ACT test to gain a place at college?  Choosing between the two generally comes down to personal choice, however how can you decide which to take?  What is the difference between the SAT and ACT test?

To answer that very question, we have created our own info-graphic, which explains some of the major differences between the two tests:


SAT vs ACT test


Would you like to share our infographic on your blog?  Please feel free to download it and credit us at:

On December 12, students across the country will be able to access their PSAT scores.  For many students, this may be a time of great confusion.  Some students may not understand what the scores mean.  They may be asking “Is this a good score?” or “What does this mean for college?”  Many may not even know where to go to access their scores.

How to check your PSAT score online

Let’s start there.  The first step is to have the student view his or her scores on the College Board website,  The score range changed last year and many parents are not familiar with the new scale.  The maximum score on the PSAT is 1520.  That score consists of a Math score that ranges from 160 to 760 and an Evidence Based Reading and Writing score that also ranges from 160 to 760.  The test is also broken down into 7 subscores, which range [...]

First Choice College is looking to hire new tutors for SAT and ACT preparation.  We are passionate about helping high school students achieve their full potential and realize their college dreams, and if you are too, we would love to have you join us!  We offer group classes as well as individual tutoring.  We start by giving your 20 hours of training, and then set you up teaching a course.  We teach classes on location at high schools around the state, in our office in Milford, and online.  Our private tutoring is done in our Milford office and online.  Here are some highlights:

  • We pay a $200 training stipend.  We train you to use our curriculum to help students improve their scores.  We also offer support throughout the process.
  • Starting pay is $22.50 per hour for private tutoring and classes.  In addition, for the group classes you are paid 30 minutes of prep time [...]

Brainstorming for the College Admission EssayAugust 1 has arrived and the Common Application is now live! What does that mean? If you haven’t already, it is time to get started on the much feared college admission essay. The thought of boiling down your entire 17 or 18 years of being in to one 650 word personal statement can be intimidating. Believe it or not, the most difficult part of writing your college admission essay is actually getting started. Here is a big list of questions to help you get started brainstorming. If you are still stuck, you can always hire us to help you with your essay, or if you have a college admission essay, you can hire us to edit your common application essay and provide you with a reaction. Remember, one of the most important things about the essay is to make sure that you are [...]

I don’t test well.  I am more than just numbers, why don’t the colleges see that?  Well, over 90 colleges agree and have created a new way to apply to college.  The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success consists of 94 members, 57 of whom will start accepting the coalition application this fall.  In Connecticut, the Coalition application will be accepted by Connecticut College, the University of Connecticut, Yale University and Wesleyan University.

While one of the stated goals of the coalition is to increase access to college by encouraging students to start planning as early as freshman year, there are many who fear that this increase the stress for students.

In order to understand how this might cause increased stress, it is important to understand how the new application will work.  Students will be able to create accounts starting in their freshman year of high school.  As part of the account, [...]

College Admission Tips – Using Summer to Your Advantage!

Summer Activities Can Have a Positive Effect On College Admission Selection

Summer prep for college admittanceIt is hard to believe, but soon summer vacation almost is upon us.  It is understandable that right after exams have been completed many students will take some well deserved rest. But there are many things that students can do over the summer to make next fall easier and to improve their chance of getting accepted at a college of their choice.  Since students do not have other academic obligations to compete with their time, this is a great time to get started on their college applications.  While the Common Application will not be available until the beginning of August, the essay prompts are already available.

Essays and early college campus visits impact the college admission process

In fact, starting on the college admission essay is one of the most important things that a student [...]

The SAT plays an integral role in helping students to secure their first choice college placement.  At First Choice College we run intensive SAT classes throughout the summer, helping students to fully prepare for the SAT.

Our prep classes are designed to give students the skills and confidence they need to improve their SAT score and gain a place at their preferred college.   Reserve your space today by calling: 203 878-7998.


What’s Included in our Summer SAT Classes?
  • Fully timed practice tests with exam conditions
  • Intensive classroom sessions
  • Essay writing
  • Personal statement writing
  • One-on-one support and more…

Our test prep instructors are highly experienced in all areas of the college admission process, many of them have attended top colleges such as Yale and understand exactly what Colleges are looking for.  Our instructors work closely with students to identify their strengths, weaknesses and any areas of concern before the day of the test.


How [...]

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A.  What is the Evidence Based Reading Section?

The Evidence Based Reading Section counts for one-half of the Evidence Based Reading and Writing score.  Each section is scored on a scale from 10-40, and the combined scores are then calculated on a scale from 200-800.  You will have 65 minutes to complete the Evidence Based Reading Section.  The Evidence Based Reading Section is made up of multiple different passages.  Look at the “Reading By the Numbers” list on the right to see what kinds of passages and how many questions you should expect to see.  Part of preparing for the Evidence Based Reading Section is to familiarize yourself with the kinds of passages that you can expect to encounter.  Below is a chart detailing the specific topics covered by the passages:

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Reading By the Numbers:

  • 65 minutes
  • 4 passages with 500-750 words per passage
  • [...]
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